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If You Have An INCREDIBLE Beauty Product Or Service
Then STOP Advertising The Same Old Boring Ways!

We Have AMAZING Ways To Reach Your

Target Audience

Old, Expensive, Boring Magazine Print Ads Are


At MyBeautyTutors.com we have Fun and Creative ways to Market your Beauty related Products and Services!

Create a Completely Interactive Experience

The Beauty Industry is all about 'showing' so if your current ads don't include videos, especially 'How To' Demo videos then you are missing an important way to connect to your target audience! 

Our Platinum MBT Directory Ads includes the ability for you to add video to your Listing - for a fraction of the cost of a single plain image ad!

Have Customers Reach You Directly

If your current ad doesn't allow for customers to 'Click to Reach You' immediately then it doesn't matter how fabulous your ad is, they will quickly lose interest.

Add a CONTACT FORM and direct SHOPPING LINK to you ad and make it easy for them to reach out directly so they can buy RIGHT AWAY!


POST A Request for Review

Want to know what your customers really think about your product or service? 

Perhaps You're Launching a New Product or Service?

Gain valuable insight from our Members by Posting a Request for Review.

Post Product Specials

Hosting a Special Event or Sale?

Create a Special Event Listing



Use Jill - Our MBT Digital Assistant

Who is Jill? Jill - is our MBT Digital Assistant!  Jill's role is to quickly address student and members questions about 'All Things MBT'.  But the best part is she can also play your ad to all our MBT Members!

This is an incredible way to showcase your product or service without having members have to scroll through dozens of other listings or ads.

You have a GreatProduct

So Market it Simply the BEST way possible!

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