Andis Cordless Fade Combo

Let your skills do the talking with Andis’ combo of Cordless Envy Li Clipper and Slimline Pro Li Trimmer.
“Create your way”
For over nine decades, Andis has been building the barbering, styling and grooming category, one cut and one style at a time. Through dedication to its customers and its partners, Andis has set the industry standard, based on quality, durability and integrity.
Why we chose them to feature in our Product Reviews:
-We think it’s great that they live by these core values: Creativity, Community, Quality, and Innovation
-We love their practice of celebrating and encouraging creative thinking and expression
-They’re family-owned and operated since 1922 which we think is a great contributor to their unwavering commitment to the quality of products that they produce
So, we’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve tried their Cordless Fade Combo or any of their products, the pros,the cons,and any helpful advice for other members if they’re looking to try them out. We’d also love to hear from members who are interested in trying any of their products in the future and your why

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