Having A Personal Tutor


Why Have A Tutor?

Now with a Personal MBT Tutor you can enhance your learning whether you are a beauty student or already a Pro!  No more sitting and watching endless videos online with no feedback and ability to ask questions and get assistance.  Your Personal MBT Tutor is there for you to work one on one to help you meet your specific goals!

Control Your Own Training Schedule

 Enjoy the flexibility of setting your own training schedule.  No more waiting for inconvenient class times.

Learn To Master A Specific Skill

No more sitting and watching videos online hoping you'll learn how to replicate a skill.

Get interactive and instant feedback from your Tutor!


Control Your Training Budget

Now you are in control of your training Budget!

Schedule sessions when your budget permits.

You Determine What You Want To Learn

Get help with exams, learn to master a specific skill, or even discuss how to use new products.

The list of what you can accomplish with your Tutor is endless!

Best Practices For Finding Your Perfect Tutor

Interview Your Tutor

After compiling a list of potential Tutors, the next most important part is to fully interview your potential Tutors.  You want to find someone who is compatible with you.

Matching Schedules

Make sure your tutor can be available at the times that are convenient for you.  Discuss what are the training times that will work for you PRIOR to signing up with your Tutor.

Ask About Tutoring Rates

Make sure you have a clear idea of How Much Your Tutor charges UPFRONT and for what length of Session, so you don't have any surprize fees.  REMEMBER, this is a contract between you and your Tutor and you want to be clear of all costs PRIOR to signing up with them.

Determine What You Want To Learn

Ask your tutor whether they are skilled in the specific areas you want help with.  Be clear about your learning objectives so both you and your Tutor are comfortable with your goals.

MBT Tutors Are Here To Help Make

Your Career Dreams Come True!

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